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Wheel Engineering

Our History

Jongbloed is a racing specific wheel engineering and manufacturing firm, focused on providing durable and ultra high-performance wheels to professional race teams and amateur and club-sport racers.
Jongbloed headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Morgan Hill, California, just south of San Jose, and a satellite sales office is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2007 Jongbloed invested in a state of the art spinning machine to manufacture its rim halves. Every Jongbloed Rim is spun from 6061-0 temper aluminum then heat treated to it T-6 condition to ensure quality and durability. In the business of making high-performance racing wheels for more than 40 years, Jongbloed employs industry veterans with myriad experience in the racing industry.
Early on, Bill Jongbloed dreamed of creating a three piece wheel with a cast magnesium center that would provide all the benefits of a repairable wheel with a cast center. He knew that it was important to be able to create any wheel offset while adding designs that would better cool the brakes. Bill taught himself to spin wheels and was soon making rims that were well within the designated tolerances. From humble beginnings in his California shop, Bill Jongbloed's dream became a reality in 1973 when his wheels made their debut at the first Long Beach Grand Prix.
Our success on the racetrack has been demonstrated by the fact that Jongbloed Racing Wheels have won over 250 international championships. For several years, our wheels were also featured on all Swift racecars and dominated Formula Ford, CanAm, and TransAm. Over the years, many major automakers and tire manufacturers have used Jongbloed prototype wheels. Some of these include Ford's Tremor, GT90, and Mercury MC-4 concept cars.

Engineering Approach

Stronger, Lighter, Cooler, Faster. That's the philosophy at Jongbloed Racing Wheels. We engineer and manufacture our aluminum and magnesium wheels to promote brake cooling, reduce unsprung weight and rotating mass, and stand up to the brutality that endurance racing puts on mechanical elements. Cooler, lighter, and stronger has one target objective—making your race car faster. Here's the details. Jongbloed Wheels work in concert with the components of your car—suspension, aerodynamics, tires, brakes—to increase the performance potential of the race car, allowing you to wring those extra tenths out of your car when the race is on the line.
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Technical advances in tires, suspension and brakes produce brutal forces on materials—especially wheels. Components are subjected to immense cornering loads, chassis weight transfer, torsional effects from braking and acceleration, track surface oscillation and heat. In short, racecars take a pounding. As materials have become lighter and stronger, engineers and drivers are asking for more and more performance out of racing parts. Wheel technology hasn't changed much—yet wheels are asked to handle all the inputs that improved suspension, brakes and tires can throw at them—a challenge few wheels can withstand.
Over the course of three decades, Jongbloed Racing Wheels has adapted to changing standards by innovating and utilizing new technologies, and is an industry leader in a demanding business. Jongbloed applies a three-step process to strengthen our wheels to handle the rigors of ever-faster and lighter race cars. We use exclusively 6016-T6 forgings in our own proprietary toolings to ensure the highest quality raw materials and finish.
First is superior design. Jongbloed uses three-dimensional modeling, finite element analysis (FEA) and simulation to push the envelope in designing the strongest, lightest and most durable wheels money can buy. Our R&D lab spends endless hours trying new ideas and integrating our wheels into total chassis and tire combinations. This simulation, coupled with years of experience, helps our wheels work in harmony with a racecar, becoming a true performance-enhancing component.
Second is process. All forged wheels are not created equal. The term “forging” is loosely used today—claiming to manufacture product without a pressure value is an empty statement. Jongbloed Wheels are hot forged on a press under 10 million pounds of pressure. The massive heat and pressure yields a grain structure and metal compression rate within the wheel to make an ultra-strong, high-quality wheel. Terms like “rotary forged” sound technical, but usually refer to a wheel made on a lighter weight press with offset tooling dies to yield a higher compression rate. When you shop for wheels, make sure you're comparing apples to apples. Higher pressure manufacturing equals stronger finished products, which result in more durable, dependable and consistent performance characteristics. Third is machining. Jongbloed Wheels are constructed using a state-of-the-art automated four-axis CNC machining process. Custom tooling and attention to the last detail of finish transform a wheel from better to best—we pay attention to every radius and angle so as not to incur machining flaws that can cause premature failure. In short, at Jongbloed Wheels, we're very serious about the materials quality, construction and integrity of our wheels—so that you can extract every bit of performance out of your car when it matters most.


Manufacturing lightweight racing wheels requires a fine balance between looking for weight savings and ensuring no loss in safety or durability. What good is an ultra-light, ultra-high performance wheel if it won't last more than a few laps? Jongbloed Wheels utilizes the latest design software to optimize weight and construction with no sacrifice to the structural integrity or durability of the wheel. Many simulation hours coupled with years of proven on-track racing experience have been invested in search of the optimum formula. We're always seeking improvement, but the wheels we sell represent the very best that our vast experience has taught us.
Lighter wheels mean less unsprung weight and rotational mass, enhancing the performance and handling characteristics of a car. Lighter wheels also means less rolling inertia to stop and start—and as any racer knows, maximizing efficiency of motion is the quickest way to cut precious seconds from a hot lap. Our wheels are optimized to create rigidity across the face of the wheel, which minimizes the stress of cornering load energy being transmitted into the wheel face. Just as chassis stiffness is important for maximum suspension effectiveness, wheel rigidity is important for applying maximum, and event, tire pressure through the contact patch, to the racetrack. Rigid wheels increase performance, and in doing so, relieve flexion through the materials—preventing failure.
Jongbloed Racing Wheels has over 30 years of history engineering and building the lightest, safest, most durable wheels money can buy. Each of our wheel applications is measured and tested extensively as it's created, meaning that we apply every bit of our knowledge to each wheel we build—every time. In the past year, we've overhauled our entire rim manufacturing process to set a new standard for quality in the industry. With a unique spinning process, tooling and special heat-treat process, Jongbloed manufactures rims that have ultra-light weight, superior strength, excellent durability and absolute concentricity. Lighter is better—but engineered lighter is best.


Jongbloed Wheels “Aero” design is unlike any other wheel on the market. By adhering to our philosophy of making the wheel an extension of the chassis—working in harmony with the chassis—our wheels enhance the performance characteristics of your car. Our unique spoke design achieves this by creating a substantial decrease in brake temperatures—measured at up to 18% so far. Cooler brakes mean more efficient brakes—and more efficient brakes mean later braking points on the track and thus, faster corner entry speeds. Jongbloed Wheels help you achieve more consistent threshold braking points, yields a more consistent brake performance throughout the duration of a race and help you go longer between pad servicing. Finally, Jongbloed Wheels “Aero” design promotes evacuation of turbulent air from under the car, helping decrease lift and drag to further enhance grip and compliment car aerodynamics.


Stronger + Lighter + Cooler = Faster. That's our mantra at Jongbloed, and we've proved it. In extensive testing—on everything from Le Mans-grade Porsche 911 GT3 RSRs to brutal historic Ford GT40s—the addition of Jongbloed wheels has been demonstrated to shave precious tenths off of competitive lap times. It's a mechanical fact—lighter wheels, which promote brake cooling and produce positive aerodynamic effects, help race cars race faster. And they've got the durability to hold up under some serious abuse.